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Bringing Precision Medicine to Brain Tumors

Therillume is a clinical-stage neuro-oncology therapeutics company bringing precision medicine to patients with Glioblastoma (GBM) and Neurofibromatosis Types 1 and 2 (NF1 and NF2). Therillume is a human therapeutic company, spinning out from Recombinetics Inc., and leveraging its pioneering precise gene-editing platform and intellectual property to identify, validate and expedite high-quality candidates through clinical development.


Pre-Clinical Services

Recombinetics leverages all aspects of the company to offer complete pre-clinical solutions to gene therapy development. As experts in genome editing in livestock, we offer a range of swine models that feature targetable genetic diseases, as well as novel reporter animals to accelerate the journey from bench-top to bedside. Within our labs and animal facilities, we have capabilities to develop therapies through in vitro testing, surgical delivery optimization in translatable models, and conduct both in-life and post-mortem analyses pertaining to safety and efficacy of gene therapies. With an innovative and customizable approach, Recombinetics encompasses all key pre-clinical needs.

Rooted in our background as experts in gene-editing, molecular biology, and creation of translatable swine models of disease, we offer a range of preclinical services to accelerate scientific breakthroughs. From customizable cell lines to be used in vitro to production of custom swine models of disease for in vivo testing, we address all phases of preclinical research and development. Consult with our scientific and veterinary team to design, execute, and analyze important hypotheses related to disease modeling and characterization, targeted therapeutic discovery, and gene therapy testing with robust, translatable models. Our agile, customizable, and accelerated services drive discovery.

Porcine Stem Cells (iPSCs)

Recombinetics has developed a method to derive and maintain stable porcine-induced pluripotent and embryonic stem cells, building on its success with bovine stem cells for agricultural applications through Acceligen. We anticipate this patent-pending breakthrough to allow Recombinetics to expand into a new large animal model system beneficial to humans. Porcine stem cells, valued for their self-renewal and differentiation potential, fill a gap in the stem cell and disease modeling market, with applications in regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, drug development, and reproductive biotechnologies. Recombinetics plans to generate ongoing revenue by selling the required maintenance media separately on a quarterly basis for each stem cell line sold. We believe the unique nature of this product positions Recombinetics for growth, offering custom editing services and licensing agreements to foster collaborations and increase revenue.

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