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Unlocking the Power of the Gene

The prospect of preventing and curing disease, feeding a hungry planet and improving the health, longevity and livelihood of every person on the planet is thrilling, yet daunting.

Through gene editing (or genome editing), Recombinetics scientists are able to improve the genetics of animals by making precise changes to their DNA that unlock natural health and disease resistance traits. Our team of experts tirelessly and responsibly apply the science so we can realize this incredible potential.

In animal agriculture, we leverage the animal cell’s ability to repair its own DNA during the editing process.

In biomedical and regenerative medicine, our ability to introduce changes in animal DNA opens vast new opportunities to improve and extend human life.

Genetic Code
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A resolution of a single base-pair out of three billion is the kind of precision and fidelity we expect and obtain with modern gene editing technology—the equivalent of straightening the needle in the haystack without affecting the surrounding hay.

dan carlson, chief scientific officer, recombinetics

Putting Our Knowledge to Work

Numerous technological advances over the last decade make it possible to modify animal genomes accurately and efficiently.

Recombinetics has developed the knowledge to develop and deploy a multitude of gene editing tools, including TALENs and CRISPRs, to help us intentionally cut the genetic code in the proper place and harness the cell’s DNA repair machinery to introduce the desired change in livestock and fish.


Ensuring Safe & Humane Treatment

Gene editing outcomes are tested at various stages along its development cycle from the first introduction into laboratory cells to the production of the animal.

Our research is overseen by a variety of governmental agencies, including the FDA and USDA, as well as non-governmental agencies to ensure our compliance with all state and federal/national policies, guidelines and industry best practices.

When working with international partners, we honor the laws and regulations of all countries where we do business. We take extraordinary measures to ensure the safe and humane treatment of the animals with which we work.


Gene Editing in Biomedicine

Gene editing in biomedicine allows for more advanced animal models for studying human diseases and for testing and developing safer and more effective therapeutics.

Recombinetics deploys gene editing through three biomedicine subsidiaries:

Sarxion Biologics is engineering materials for regenerative medicine. The company is initally focused on Hernia repair. Sarxion Biologics’ ECM material has improved integration and healing.
Therillume is a clinical-stage neuro-oncology therapeutics company bringing precision medicine to patients with Glioblastoma (GBM) and Neurofibromatosis Types 1 and 2 (NF1 and NF2).

Gene Editing in Agriculture

Gene editing used in food animals enables improved animal welfare, lessened use of antibiotics and improved environmental stewardship through lower greenhouse gas outputs and decreased use of natural resources.

Recombinetics deploys gene editing in agriculture and aquaculture through its subsidiary Acceligen.

Acceligen is the world leader in what is often referred to as “precision breeding”, which is a faster, more accurate way to deliver the benefits of crossbreeding. Precision breeding is the next step of the ever-evolving improvement of plants and animals honed over thousands of years of farm animal husbandry.

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