about our company

Driven by the Challenges.
Inspired by the Potential.

Recombinetics is a privately-held bio venture company focused on solving some of the world’s most intractable challenges through gene editing.

through our ventures, we are:
  • Transforming the world across agricultural markets by developing and deploying safe and effective tools for these applications.
  • Using groundbreaking technology to improve and accelerate preclinical testing, making safer, more effective therapies.
  • Spearheading the improvement of patient outcomes in the field of organ transplantations and regenerative medicine.
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our story

From Innovator to Leader

Founded in 2008, Recombinetics focused its early-stage development on the application of precision genetic technologies in animals and active patent filings. Development of advanced gene-editing technologies for commercial purposes began in 2011.

Today, Recombinetics is widely recognized as the leader in livestock gene-editing and associated applied technologies for biomedical research, regenerative medicine, and animal agriculture.

We have a rich history as innovators and early adopters of molecular tools and methods for animal gene editing. When paired with our experienced teams focused on bioinformatics, cell engineering, embryology, stem cell biology, and animal husbandry, we’re able to add value to livestock and make pivotal changes in human health and longevity.

Recombinetics’ first gene-edited animals are generating revenues today with a pipeline of animals under development for the large biomedical and food animal markets.

a company of firsts

Our growing global patent portfolio includes 68 issued patents, more than 190 additional applications filed, and first-use and enabling patents in livestock using both CRISPR and TALENs.

in Biomedicine


First pig model of Osteogenesis Imperfecta developed


First pig model of Alzheimer’s Disease developed at RCI


First pig model of Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)


First pig model of Neurofibromatosis Type 1 developed

First pig model of congenital heart failure developed

First pig model of polycystic kidney diseases developed

First to make APOBEC pigs for PERV-safe organs

First pig models of atherosclerosis developed

in Gene Editing


First demonstration of in vivo somatic gene transfer in swine


First patent issued in China for gene editing large animals

First patent issued in Europe for gene editing large animals


First patent issued in the US for CRISPR gene editing in animals


First TALENs use to knockout and break genes in embryos

in Agriculture


First gene edited thermotolerant cattle born


First gene edited chickens produced in Europe

First genetically dehorned heifer born


First genetically dehorned cattle born

First to gene-edit for accelerated reproduction OPU in cattle

peer-reviewed science

Our scientific findings are often published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and often cited by other scientists in their published research. Our work has been documented in over 300 peer-reviewed publications and written been covered many times by both scientific and consumer media outlets.

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