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Transforming Medicine to Improve Lives

Recombinetics’ regenerative medicine division, Regenevida, is redefining what’s possible in medicine. Regenevida’s mission is to create identical replicas of a patient’s own organ cells and tissue for therapeutics and transplantation. This can potentially transform the face of modern medicine and drastically improve the quality of life for millions.

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there are 113,000 currently on the U.S. transplant list
22 people die on the transplant waiting list each day
high demand and severe shortage of transplantable cells, tissues and organs
Blood supply 100% dependent on human donation

focusing our work

To combat those realities, Regenevida is focused on…

Creating an unlimited supply of rejection-resistant organs for transplantation
Eliminating the fickle fluctuations in the world’s blood product supply
Developing and guiding the ethical principles to direct this genetic revolution
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Meeting Potential with Vision

Our vision is that cellular humanization of swine could provide unlimited supplies of therapeutic cells, tissues, and organs. Regenevida is pioneering individualized regenerative medicine by leveraging Recombinetics’ leading gene editing platform and expertise to develop swine as a production system for cultivating patient cells, tissues, and organs for human therapeutic applications.

Each step along the path to organ development presents large-scale market opportunities with strong revenue potential. Strategic partnerships with leading hospitals and medical research institutions are vital elements for Regenevida’s success. With its first-mover advantage, Recombinetics is already entering into collaborative R&D contracts.

Can Growing Organs in Pigs Solve the Organ Shortage?

Freethink is a platform that profiles pioneers in science and technology. They recently highlighted Recombinetics’ work toward helping people everywhere get the life-saving organs they need.
View the video below.

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3D Heart Xray

Regenevida has the following products currently in development:

blood cells
  • T-cells
  • Platelets
  • Red Blood Cells
  • Other Immune Cells
exo organs
  • Liver
  • Heart
decellularized products
  • Extracellular Matrix

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