Recombinetics announced today that the Chinese Patent Office has issued ZL201280020439.X covering methods of making livestock with alleles from other breeds without meiotic recombination. The issued claims are not limited to a specific gene-editing tool.

Specifically, the issued Chinese patent ZL201280020439.X includes a breeding method that can quickly introgress a precise trait-related genotype from an animal, breed, or species into the germline of a food animal, without the random genetic mixing implicit in standard breeding.

This patent was jointly granted to RCI and to the University Court of Edinburgh, which is home to the Roslin Institute. RCI owns the inventions granted in the patent, which expires in 2032.

“Allowance of this patent further establishes the priority, scope and exclusivity of Recombinetics’ rights to commercialize gene editing in food animals” said Scott Fahrenkrug, PhD, Founder and Executive Chair of Recombinetics. “This patent protection will enable us to forge new partnerships in China, where our large-animal genetic and reproductive platform will quickly address opportunities in the milk, meat and fiber production, as well as the burgeoning preclinical research industry, where pigs are increasingly preferred for translating therapeutic opportunities in gene-therapy, regenerative medicine, and drug development”.

RCI’s patent portfolio includes more than 170 patent filings worldwide and 15 issued patents issued on gene-editing methods, traits, and novel reproduction methods in animals. Its portfolio includes some patents and patent applications that are jointly owned.