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Recombinetics is a recognized leader in animal gene editing and associated applied technologies for biomedical research, regenerative medicine and animal agriculture.

We leverage our proprietary gene editing platform to commercialize and deploy technologies through three subsidiaries that pivotally impact human health and longevity and add value to farm animals.

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Groundbreaking Technology for Life-Changing Solutions

Recombinetics has the most experienced and reliable animal gene-editing team on the planet developing solutions through three customer-facing subsidiaries focused on three key areas:

regenerative medicine

Developing Transplantable Cells, Tissues and Organs to Save Lives

We enable the most precise possible resolution to human illness through the ability to provide patients with tissue and organ transplantation created using their own cells.

preclinical research

Delivering Better Models to Understand Human Disease

We help preclinical researchers study disease pathology and evaluate the safety and efficacy of novel therapeutics through precise pig models of human diseases such as heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases, genetic/rare diseases, diabetes and cancer.

precision breeding

Producing Healthier, Happier Animals and More Sustainable Farming

We use state-of-the-art breeding methods to precisely deliver traits that improve the health, welfare and sustainability of food animals to feed a hungry world while protecting the environment.

notable news

Mayo Clinic Collaboration

Recombinetics has joined forces with the Mayo Clinic in a multi-project, collaborative research and development agreement to advance capabilities to bioengineer human stem cells within swine models. The collaboration is focused on providing better health outcomes for patients by delaying the need for a transplant and reducing other complications including rejection and related cancers.

Stem Cell

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