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Engineered Swine Models of Cancer
Published in the Frontiers in Genetics

Strategies to Enable the Adoption of Animal Biotechnology to Sustainably Improve Global Food Safety and Security
Published in Transgenic Research

Efficient Edition of Bovine PRNP Prion Gene in Somatic Cells and IVF Embryos Using the CRISPR/Cas9 System
Published in Theriogenology

Production of Hornless Dairy Cattle from Genome-Edited Cell Lines
Published in Nature Biotechnology

Efficient Introgression of Allelic Variants by Embryo-Mediated Editing of Bovine Genome
Published in Scientific Reports

Precise Genome Editing of PDX1 by Direct Injection of Transcription Activaator-Like Effector Nucleases (TALENS) into Parthenogenetic Pig Embryos
Published in Reproduction, Fertility and Development

Genome Edited Sheep and Cattle
Published in Transgenic Research

Simple and Efficient Methods for Enrichment and Isolation of Endonuclease Modified Cells
Published in PLOS One

Efficient Nonmeiotic Allele Introgression in Livestock Using Custom Endonucleases
Published in Proceedings of National of the National Academy of Sciences

Editing Livestock Genomes with Site-Specific Nucleases
Published in the Journal of Reproduction, Fertility and Development

Editing Myostatin in Livestock Animals
Published in Transgenic Research