RCI’s biomedicine divisions will help researchers, physicians, and patients


Bringing gene editing solutions to disease research

The demand for cures for patients is great. Unfortunately, the path therapeutic interventions take from the research lab to the clinic is paved with costly failures, long delays, and millions of lives lost.

To address the need to speed up and streamline the development of human therapeutics and devices, RCI’s Surrogen division leverages RCI’s Research & Development Technology Platform to create gene edited pigs that are predisposed to carry certain human diseases and conditions.

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Bringing gene editing solutions to regenerative medicine

Twenty-two people die every day in U.S. waiting for a life-saving organ. Those on the waiting list face costly treatments to keep alive and life-long anti-rejection treatments when able to finally receive organs.

To address shortages of organs and therapeutic cells, RCI’s Regenevida division leverages RCI’s Research & Development Technology Platform to develop in-swine production systems for cultivating a patient’s own blood cells, hepatocytes, tissues (and one-day organ products) for human therapeutic applications.

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