Precision Breeding Technology Benefits Producers, Consumers, Animals and the Environment




Acceligen uses state-of-the-art breeding methods to precisely deliver natural, elite traits that accelerate genetic improvements in swine, beef and dairy cattle, and aquaculture.

Traditional breeding for these elite traits results in animals that rank lower for genetic potential because the genetic pool from the gene variant is limited. Precision breeding allows for maintenance of genetic diversity, without decreasing genetic merit for other important traits such as health, fertility, and longevity.

In collaboration with experts in academia, agriculture, genetics and sustainable production, we improve animal welfare, enhance natural disease resilience, and increase animal productivity and sustainability.








Precision Breeding Benefits Sustainable, Productive Agriculture for Farmers of All Sizes

Acceligen’s techniques can reduce or eliminate the overuse of production drugs and addresses unpleasant management practices such as the physical dehorning and surgical castration, while simultaneously:

  • Enabling naturally inherited disease resistance
  • Ensuring genetic diversity
  • Supporting sustainable production practices
  • Allowing precise gender selection

These benefits increase meat and dairy yields, reduce input and production costs, and reduce environmental impacts.

Precision Breeding At-A-Glance: Acceligen Uses Natural Traits to Create Elite Genetics

Acceligen has expertise in breeding the following traits for bovine, swine and aquaculture, and can develop others as requested.









Beef & Dairy Cattle

Traits for improved health:

    • Heat tolerance (SLICK)
    • Tuberculosis (TB) resistance
    • Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) virus resistance
    • Pest resistance through natural repellent

    Traits for improved well-being:

    • Naturally Hornless (polled) dehorning prevention

    Traits for improved productivity:

    • Increased meat and milk production


Traits for improved health:

  • Porcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) resistance
  • Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) virus resistance
  • Piglet nutrition enhancement

Traits for improved well-being:

  • Surgical castration prevention

Traits for improved productivity:

  • Boar taint prevention
  • Better piglet nutrition

Aquaculture Fish

Traits for improved health:

  • Biocontainment/Sterility
  • Sex selection

Traits for improved productivity:

  • Improved feed efficiency
  • Improved filet yield

Learn about our precision breeding alternative to dehorning:

Precision Breeding Opportunities

Animal Well-Being Trait

Challenge: Animal well-being is largely in the hands of producers. Certain management practices can lead to increased stress or increased risk of disease, which reduces the welfare of the animal.

Opportunity: Invasive and painful animal production tools can be eliminated or reduced using Precision Breeding Technology.

Solution: Cattle dehorning processes are highly stressful for animals (as well as their human handlers) and can cause infection or death in animals. Naturally hornless cattle (developed through gene editing) avoid this painful procedure, require less medication, and can be more cost-effective to produce.

Animal Health Trait

Challenge: Animal Health is a constant concern and opportunity for producers worldwide. Large-scale production increases the risk and impact of widespread infection. Animal welfare is also closely linked to human health; healthy animals produce more food and are healthier to consume.

Opportunity: Acceligen is developing gene-editing solutions to positively impact animal health and welfare while protecting producers from catastrophic loss of animals and revenues. Precision Breeding Technology can be used to enhance an animal’s natural disease resistance and reduce or eliminate antibiotic use.

Solution: Porcine Respiratory and Reproduction Syndrome virus (PRRSv) decimates swine populations. While the PRRSv vaccine is relatively expensive, is not infallible. The last outbreak in the US caused over $650 million in damage. By understanding and isolating genes that influence natural PRRSv resistance, Acceligen can deliver swine genetics that enables pigs to stay healthy and prosper when exposed to the virus and pass that trait on to future litters.