World Hunger

Addressing global food security is an increasingly critical and urgent issue. Human population growth and rising living standards are driving a rapid increase in demand for animal sourced protein. In the face of this challenge, suitable cropland is decreasing, and climate change is making the problem of producing abundant food increasingly formidable. Global food security in the future is dependent on the deployment of new agricultural techniques, technologies and improved genetics in animal and plant species. Gene editing, genome selection, and advanced reproductive practices will play critical roles in delivering affordable, reliable and sustainable animal-based food sources.d.

Our Acceligen subsidiary leverages precision breeding to provide natural livestock disease resistance, improve food production and enhance animal welfare in beef, dairy, pork, poultry, and aquaculture production.


Human Health

The demand for patient cures is great. Unfortunately, the path therapeutic interventions take from the research lab to the clinic is paved with costly failures, long delays, and millions of lives lost. In the U.S. alone,  22 people die every day waiting for an organ transplant.

Our Surrogen and Regenevida subsidiaries, leverage RCI’s proprietary platform in gene-edited swine, for biomedical research and ultimately organ transplantation and regenerative medicine.

The market opportunity:

RCI is poised to address these problems, and also tap into three massive markets for gene-edited food animals:

  • Animal agriculture >$5 billion,
  • Biomedical research >$2 billion and
  • Regenerative medicine >$100 billion.

RCI’s dedicated subsidiaries, Acceligen, Surrogen and Regenevida, to tap into these markets.

We’re leading the way:

Since its inception, RCI has consistently achieved first-ever breakthroughs in gene editing. RCI outpaces its competitors in intellectual property, with 18 patents and more than 200 patent filings on gene-editing methods, traits, and novel reproduction methods in animals, and have achieved many industry “firsts”.



Our value proposition reflects compassion, drive and unique talents:

RCI was built upon sustainable and ethical practices to use gene-editing as a catalyst to provide real solutions to significant world problems. Inv-Deck-Pg-21

Our reach is wide:

We’ve built a global customer base and worldwide partnerships. RECOMBINETICS-WORLD-MAP-SITE

Our location is strategic:

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley of Genetic Discovery and the Breadbasket of America,we’ve built strong relationships with the best-in-class in healthcare and food production. Minnesota is home to Mayo Clinic, United Health Group, University of Minnesota (one of the best public research institutions), Medtronic, St. Jude Medical, Cargill, General Mills and Hormel. Minnesota is also the #3 state in pork production.

Also important is our research facility near Madison, Wisconsin, under the leadership of one of the leading experts on animal reproduction.



Our leadership is unrivaled:

RCI’s business platforms continue to progress supported by its expert internal science team, proven executive team, and an array of noted advisors, partners and specialized staff.

Executive Team Board of Directors Scientific Advisory Board

The buzz is loud:

Gene editing is constantly making today’s news and RCI is often part of the story. Our experts are sought-after for news interviews, guest commentaries, speaking engagements and lectures.


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