Leveraging a Preeminent R&D Platform to Develop and Commercialize Products Across Key Markets

RCI is far outpacing its competitors in intellectual property and practical applications, and addressing the human health and animal agriculture markets. As a recognized leader in gene editing in large animal models, RCI’s global patent portfolio includes 15 issued patents, more than 300 additional applications filed, and first use and enabling patents for livestock for both CRISPR and TALENs.

RCI’s leadership team, board of directors, and distinguished scientific advisory board include many of the world’s leading genetics experts – complemented by world-class executives with a track record of success.

Key accomplishments include:

  • The world’s first sale of gene-edited pig models to a globally recognized medical clinic for use in human cardiac therapeutics testing;
  • Global rights for TALENs as a principal tool for gene-editing in large animals to facilitate human biomedical research, regenerative medicine, and enhanced animal welfare and food production;
  • Active globally, with local leadership across Asia/Pacific and South America and significant patent issuance across Australia, New Zealand, China and elsewhere;
  • First enabled livestock animal patent filing using CRISPR/Cas9; and
  • Substantial intellectual property in advanced reproductive physiology.